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The HRPP is a systematic, comprehensive program that affords protections for all humanresearch participants and is under the direct leadership of the Senior Vice President, Chief Academic and Research Officer.

UMB's HRP Plan is a comprehensive system to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of participants in Human Research. The HRPP is based on all the individuals in this organization, along with key individuals and committees, fulfilling their roles and responsibilities described in this plan.

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Institutional Official

Bruce E. Jarrell M.D.

Bruce Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Surgery
Secondary Appointments: Administration
Location: The Saratoga Building
Phone: 410-706-7399
Dr. Jarrell has been the Chief Academic and Research Officer (CARO), Senior Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School since April 1, 2012.

In 2008, he was named Executive Vice Dean at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Jarrell managed and directed both the educational and the research enterprises of the School of Medicine.

Dr. Jarrell is a gifted surgeon who specializes in kidney and liver transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery. He is an inspirational medical educator, who has been recognized with multiple teaching awards. As he has in his past positions, Dr. Jarrell continues to place an emphasis on professionalism and mentorship among the education priorities.

Institutional Official

Bruce E. Jarrell M.D.

I have seen remarkable medical advances that have occurred over the past several decades, during which diseases have been eradicated, ameliorated, or prevented. We have all benefitted, as individuals and as a society. As we continue to discover new beneficial knowledge to improve human health and well-being through clinical research, we also continue to have a compelling ethical responsibility to safeguard the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in these trials. The UMB Human Research Protections Program aims to protect those individuals and properly balance both the risk and benefit side of clinical research. The IRB has the direct responsibility to make this assessment, and my role is to assure the integrity, effectiveness and independence of that process. Based upon daily interactions with the director of the UMB Human Research Protections Office and the leadership of the IRB, I have the utmost confidence that our subjects have uncompromised and appropriate protections and that our IRB is maintaining the right balance of risk and benefit to conduct the highest quality clinical research. Of course, none of this could occur without the leadership and capability of our faculty and staff, who are highly committed to subject safety during the process of discovering new medical cures. I salute them, the members of our UMB Human Research Protections Program, and our subjects, who have the confidence to participate. Thank you.