Education and Training

Ongoing education and training in protection of human subjects is a federal requirement.

The HRPO takes a proactive approach and works collaboratively with other research entities to provide ongoing education and training. To ensure the safe conduct of all individuals engaged in human subjects research the following education/training programs are required and/or offered at UMB:

Required Education/Training

CITI Training

University of Miami's Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) provides a comprehensive selection of educational modules appropriate for the nature of research with which an investigator is engaged. The Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) requires ALL individuals (including IRB members) engaged in human participant research at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) to take the UMB-specific CITI Training human participant protections training.

The modules include:
  • 18 basic modules focused on Biomedical Research
  • 17 basic modules focused on Social and Behavioral Research
Individuals are required to only take the modules (Social/Behavioral OR Biomedical) most related to the type of research in which they are engaged.

You must affiliate with “University of Maryland Baltimore” (NOT “University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Medicine”) to access the correct course for the protection of human subjects in research.

The CITI training must be completed EVERY TWO YEARS in order to continue conducting human participant research at UMB.

Instructions to access CITI training courses

Access the CITI Training website

For general questions regarding the UMB CITI training, please contact Tara Catanzariti at 410-706-4514 or via email at

For general questions regarding the VA CITI training, please contact Yolanda Gayden at 410-605-7130 or via email at

New Optional CITI Course:
Responsible Conduct of Research(RCR) - The RCR series has six basic courses that cover core RCR topics. Five of the basic courses have a disciplinary focus on the Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Social, Behavioral, and Education (SBE) Sciences. Each of these five courses is suitable for any person involved in research, ranging from upper-level undergraduates to established faculty. The sixth basic course is tailored specifically towards Research Administration.

To Access Course - Login to CITI; under 'University of Maryland, Baltimore courses' - 'My Learner Tools for University of Maryland Baltimore', click 'Add a Course or Update Learner Groups'; scroll down to RCR and select the appropriate option(s).

HIPAA Training

National health information privacy standards have been issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The HIPAA Privacy Rule is the first comprehensive Federal protection for the privacy of personal health information. Research organizations and researchers may or may not be covered by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Covered entities may use and disclose protected health information (PHI) for research with authorization or without individual authorization under limited circumstances.

UMB policy requires that all individuals employed at UMB must take HIPAA 125 (formally HIPAA 101 and HIPAA 120), regardless of whether they are engaging in research. Additionally, all individuals engaging in research at UMB are also required to complete HIPAA 201.

Logon to HIPAA Training/Access Courses. Your username is your 6 digit employee ID number and your password is your first name.
* For assistance logging into the HIPAA training, please contact the School of Medicine (SOM) help desk at 410-706-3998 for assistance.

HIPAA Contacts:

Center for Clinical Trials: Amshu Siddalingaswamy, Phone: 410-706-1932

School of Dentistry: Kent Buckingham, Phone: 410-706-0343